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Welcome SUNY New Paltz On-Campus & Off-Campus Community Service Students! 

In preparation for getting a new job, your student employment file must be complete.  Before you can begin work, you must complete and submit all necessary  forms to the Payroll Office.  Please access all necessary forms via the Forms and Information link below.

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Shop for Off Campus Jobs ONLY!
Conduct quick advanced searches for available Off-Campus jobs. 

Shop for Work Study & Community Service Jobs ONLY!
You must be eligible for work study to access this population of job listings.  Eligibility is based on need as determined Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) and the availability of funds at the time of application.  You can review your Financial Aid Awards on your my.newpaltz account.

All eligible work study students will receive an email sometime in August regarding applying for work study positions for the upcoming Fall/Spring academic year.  Until such time students cannot access work study positions.

Shop for Student Assistant Jobs ONLY!
Student Assistant is an on-campus employment program for students.  Any Registered student is eligible if they are enrolled at least half-time (6 credits) and is in a matriculated status for the semester is which the student plans to work.

Student Assistant hiring decisions are made solely at the discretion of the hiring department.  Not every department on campus has funds to hire students.

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Important Notice For ALL :

Just as you must be alert for e-mail phishing scams and other internet dangers, you must also be aware of employment scams that prey on the unwary. For example, if an employer offers to send you a cashier’s check and then asks you to wire money elsewhere, it is a scam. The cashier’s check is usually fake and banks will often cash these fake checks and hold you responsible when the check fails to clear. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Tips to maintain safety when seeking employment:

Only deal with people you can meet locally.

Do not meet with individuals in secluded areas.

Tell someone where you are going or consider bringing along a friend.

Never give out financial information such as bank account numbers, social security number, or credit card numbers.

Never wire funds anywhere on behalf of a third party.

Never submit to a credit check or background search until you have verified the legitimacy of a company or individual.

Trust your instincts!

If you suspect a job listing is fraudulent, please notify the Financial Aid Office immediately at



  Student Employees


Supervisors, Hiring Forms, and information are located on the
Work Study Webpage.

Hiring Forms and information are located on the Payroll Office Webpage.